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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  July 26, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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mayor of pennsylvania's third largest sit ibis to get excited we will break down federal investigation for you. and senators return to capitol hill to debate future of health care in the u.s., key hurdle republican lawmakers have cleared. residents in philadelphia are waking up to no water, we will tell you how many homes air expected by a water main break, that has yet to be fixed. anday july 26th, good morning aim jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon plus a philadelphia native who became first african-american in space. get a check of the forecast with katie. welcome back. >> good morning. everything is looking g we have construction. a
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break, with dry roadways, will that last. >> i think it will, we areith just some cloud. we might see fine and we see this loop on storm scan a few speckles on the radar. it doesn't necessarily mean anything is hitting b shocked iu run into that but all and all today is just a cloudy day. we still h our side, problem is, it, its ay involving changing pattern and with time rain does make a return a early as thursday night but especially toward tail end of the week weekend. we will talk about that as is looking okay, current area temperatures talk about far cry, my goodness do you remehebreak anything below, the upper 70's in recent weeks here. much cooler beginning t cthrents in the mid up toker 60's on i-95 and even coorther north ane
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travel. >> i saw quite a difference walking out then what we hu for. that looking outside right now we are looking at construction vine was closed overnight, westbound, eastbound side still closed between schuylkill and broad. we will let you know but they are still out there right now. we have more construction here schuylkill eastbound between gulph mills and belmont avenue left lane compromised there. this will not slow you down but this will get busy, usually around 5:00 when we start to see a difference and start to move those cones out of the roadway. i-95 north bound the right lane is compromised just a head up on that. you can see we are getting busy on what we typically see. the tacony palmyra bridge was up but now back down. looking busy there. still looking dark and early. it is only 4:30 in the morning we will talk more about gas main break that happened last night in ardmore, on route 30 coming up in the next 10 minutes, rahel and jim, back over to you. "eyewitness news" has learned allentown married he
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had pawlowski is expected to be indict today. >> we are told indictment is as a result of the lengthy grand jury investigation. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live outside federal courthouse in center city with more on the investigation, good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning jim and rahel. mayor pawlowski's attorney jack mcmahon said he will fight these charges and could be in court as soon as thursday but just like the rest of us they will not learn full details of the indictment until it is unsealed later today. three term allentown married he had pawlowski will be indicted as part of the ongoing federal corruption probe, that began in 2013. but the indictment remains sealed until sometime wednesday, and nine people have pleaded guilty to charges stemming from an alleged scheme to award city contracts , in exchange for campaign contributions, to an unnamed official. fbi raided pawlowski's office july 1st, 2015. the democratic mayor of pennsylvania's third largest city has denied any wrongdoing , it is continuing to campaign, for a fourth term
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the department of justice is holding a news conference at 1:30 to discuss these charges. mayor pawlowski also expected to comment as soon as this indictment is made public. of course we will bring you those details as soon as we get them. live outside federal court i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks, trang do. people in lawn dale won't sea water coming of the their faucets this morning. 8-inch water main toys blame. 8-inch water main break toys blame i should say in the 1,000 shock of fanshaw street. officials shut off service to 45 homes. crews will be back home to finish making repairs. a woman is injured trying to escape a row home fire in philadelphia chopper three over the scene last night on the 3200 block of fountain street in strawberry mansion. fire officials say woman jumped from the second floor window, her condition is unknown at this time and cause of the fire is under investigation. an argument between father and son end in gunfire in
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montgomery county. shooting happened last night on the 400 block of lincoln avenue of pottstown, police say father identified as joseph lee shot his son andrew several times critically injuring him. the father suffered a cut to his hand, there is in word on what the fight was about and so far no charges have been filed. authorities are looking for a man seen on video attacking a septa transit police sergeant in southwest philadelphia. sergeant's body cam shows her getting out of her squad car to confront a trespassing suspect. that man quickly shoved her to the ground. this happened at 58th and angora terrace monday night. police are asking to reach out if you have any information on the suspect. these charges are expected to be okay. police want to you see this video showing an assault and robbery at center city atm machine. investigators say woman seen here punched a woman in the face at a td bank and then stole her bank card and cash. this happened, after midnight
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on july 13th at td bank on the corner of broad and sansom and if you recognize would the man please call the police. police are also looking for a man who stole several car batteries in the past few months and they are warning drivers. newly released video caught a thief stealing a jeep wrangler 's battery in broad daylight at 20th and lombard. police say they have noticed the trend since may and with jeep wranglers. >> unfortunately jeep wrangler is a sensitive target. it is easy access to the hood and you need to be prepared 2017-we're up 41 percent as far as car battery theft are concerned. >> you can buy devices on line to lock your car battery for zero seven to $120. investigators are still looking for the suspect and his honda civic with pennsylvania plates. today senate republicans will resume their debate on a health care overhaul, late last night chamber block a wide ranging proposal to repeal much of obama care.
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that setback came hours after vice-president pence casts a tie breaking vote to allow debate on a bill. >> i think we will have debate s over the coming days, to see what is finally produced but at the end of the day, we are going to see, i hope a repeal of the disaster that is obama care that is causing millions of americans to hurt. >> analyst say 20 to 30 million people could lose their health insurance over a decade period depending on the final version of the bill. federal judge says new jersey cannot be sued for actions of some of its employees in the bridge gate scandal. lawsuit by citizens of the fort lee argued they should be lanee for 2013 traffic jam, closures on the george washington bridge, designed to punish the town's mayor for not endorsing governor chrislec. governor christie's former deputy chief of staff and two other people have pleaded ilthe case. three new jersey beaches are closed this morning after
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tests found high levels of the n county, they are beachwood, isnd beach avon road and shut downs happened when two consecutive test level that exceed state standard. environmental officials issued beaches. you can find the full list at cbs pll local april. dozens discorded lead contat neighborhood. first presbyterian church in kensingtlaon night. it was organize by a group called get thethe health impactf lead contamination in the fishtown and kensingtonexrts ald steps they can take to reduce effects of lead we're hearino in response to yesterday's company's mariner east two pipeline in our area and acr the 350-mile pipeline would carry liquid natural gas from
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ohio to aity in marcus hook, delaware county. issue now goes public utility commission. west goshen township filed for the injunction after complaint over water services and interruptions and other issues sunoco's statement read in part we believe that the full hearing before the environmental hearing board will demonstrate that we have expended every effort to meet these strict conditions of our environmental permits. they say that they have quote already voluntarily suspended work on a number of our drills and will continue non- construction throughout the state with safety and protection of pennsylvania's environment as our first procedure. hdd or horizontal directional drilling is a construction technique used to lay underground utilities. well, it is a well deserved, celebration for one of the philly's own. >> colonel guyan blueford was
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honored at philadelphia city hall and mann music center. >> ♪ >> concert goers went on a voyage through space with classical and contemporary music. blueford was born and raised in west philadelphia, overbrook high and penn state graduate went to become the first african-american in space. >> the view outside the windows are spectacular. we're doing a lot of good work honor bit. i felt very honored to have done that on four different occasion is at an exhibit displaying his trips to space is on display at city hall and , i was curious what his first trip in space was, it was 1983, some 34 years ago, almost to the date, august 30th, 1983. >> stories to tell. >> congratulations. right now 19 people are homeless. >> that is after a fire in the kansas apartment complex, wait until you will hear bizarre reason behind that fire. federal investigators say a man tried to sneak deadly
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snakes into the u.s. by putting them in get this potato chip cans. >> um-hmm. >> the unbelievable story when "eyewitness news"
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we're learning more this morning about a missing swimmer who disappeared at brandywine creek in wilmington investigators say a 20 year-old man jumped in the creek using a rope swing around 6:30 monday evening, he was last seen going over a dam authorities say that three other people, who were with him at time did not call 911 until after they had all returned home. that was almost two hours later. missing swimmer has not yet been identified, or located. crews and equipment from 34 states are those bolt a cluster of wild fires in monday tan a lodge pole complex consists of four fires burning in the eastern part of the state. collectively the flames have scorched more than 270,000 acres and destroyed 16 homes, more than 600 fire fighters continue to try to
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control those fires. governor of monday tan has declared a state fire emergency. how about this story, this fire in the topeka, kansas apartment complex is being blamed on efforts to kill a bug. fire officials say resident tried to kill the bug with the cigarette lighter but instead spark a fire in the bedroom. nineteen people, including six children were forced from their homes and one resident, one fire fighter even suffered non-life threatening injuries. fire caused $140,000 in damage a lot to kill a bug. a california man could face up to 20 years in prison for smuggling. >> wait until you see what he is accused of sneaking in the country, thinks a king cobra and federal say rodriguez franco, smuggled at least three of them in the u.s. from hong kong inside canisters meant for, get this, potato chips. king cobras are deadly and he has tried smuggling as many as 20 in the country. franco admitted to authorities that he smuggled turtles in
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the u.s. as well. is there a black market for those type of exotic animals. do you think he smuggled turtles in one of those boxes of chocolate turtles. >> once you start you apparently can't stop. >> yes. >> you are full of zingers this morning. >> we're just getting started. >> no kidding. we have good and bad that comes with this forecast. all and all we can expect nice weather for tail end of the seven day but there is wet weather on the way here especially for friday. >> okay. that is days away. >> good for you. >> i like that i'm trying to adopt that whole positive thinking thing. >> exactly, it is all how you look at it, now at the moment you will notice wet roadway here, high atop, main street, there is a sheen on the road surface, telltale sign obviously we have seen a couple showers rolling way through parts of the lehigh and berks county this morning. they have been slow to move
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through. there are isolated places where you'll find. that we will see that right in the beginning of the loop here but then it fizzles away. so what i think you'll find out there today is primarily cloud, however, we have an on shore east wind which could help trigger fine drizzle. if you need the umbrella today i don't think so, but, you might flick your windshield wipers along the way. with time eventually steady rain is also scheduled to cross on through, you can see beginnings of the system off to the west. this is about a two day away but by the time it reaches us we're talking about a warm front area have low pressure ride ago long it what that boils down to is the possibility of steady rainfall looking ahead to friday especially but maybe in the first half of the weekend. watch for that fine drizzle, cloudy skies, and relatively mild but still, quite shy of is what average behind just 80 . we will expect much hotter and we have seen that in recent
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weeks. fifty-eight nighttime low under that cloud cover but as we talked about the comfort index in the next few days other thing we have going for us is at lee it will get steamy but we won't be dealing with the impressive let alone insufferable high humidity we had to just endure in recent weeks here, meisha. >> thanks very much, katie. very good morning to all of you. it is construction we are looking at this morning, we have gas main break we will touch base on in just a moment but vine closed westbound and eastbound of course, i'll let you know when they aring ago way but they are still out there schuylkill eastbound won gulph mills and schuylkill eastbound we have construction , left lane compromised and we are starting to see headlights out there, on the roadways. we are seeing it in the camera shots we are looking at, already and it is still very early. thinks ardmore. this is a gas main break, route 30 lancaster avenue closed between argyle road and anderson avenue. you will to have use montgomery avenue as your alternate which is your best bet. just a head up on that.
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take a look at construction, going on in delaware. we will talk about this coming back in the next 10 to 15 minutes. jim and rahel, back over to you. well, in west philadelphia a man will be back in center city cutting the hair of the home less. >> that is after he and city had to sort things out. last week city officials told brendon jones to stop giving haircuts because they needed to figure several things out like safety, vendor licenses and health code. well, city now says jones can continue to give haircuts to the home less in public. we asked mayor kenney since the marries a fan of jones and he said sometimes common sense and decency should overcome adherence to rules. jones say owe will set up outside city hall. >> logic prevails for once. i have seen him on the streets doing haircuts. very nice man. well, make sure you don't leave anything behind on your next uber ride. >> if you do, it will cost to you get it back but just how much uber will charge to have users have their belongings returned to them and new reason behind the new loss
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item fee when we come right
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i like this song. >> well, keep a close eye, next time you take an uber now you have to pay to get these who items back. uber will charge users $15 to return forgotten at toms them. the $15 will go to that uber users driver. drivers complained about having to meet with ride tours return things, that is because they had to spend time making return trip rather then making money by picking up a new fair fee is part of the series of changes uber make to go keep its drivers happy. it sound reasonable. 4:51. time for a check of business news. >> roxana saberi joins us live from the new york stock
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exchange. good morning. we are seeing new numbers pointing to growing optimism in the economy, that is always good, tell us about that. >> reporter: it is good, some big name co including mcdonald's and caterpillar are reporting better than expect profits and jump in the price of oil and commodity helped lift energy prices which helped boost stocks. dow jones gained 100 points and nasdaq added points reaching a record high, jim and rahel. >> still roxana i have been told that the girl scouts are trying to encourage interest in technology, among its members, how are they going about this? >> reporter: it is, girl scouts can earn badges for designing robots and race cars , girl scouts of the u.s.a. is introducing 23 new badges, including several in science, technology, engineering and math, also known as stem, the organization says that girl scouts are more likely then non-girl scouts to seek careers in stem fields. jim and rahel, there are 1.8 million girl scouts in the
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u.s. so good opportunity for girls out there. >> i love it. a lot of my neighbors are girl scouts. they have girls who coach. you have to encourage girls to pursue science, technology engineering field. >> girl power. thanks, we will check in next hour. >> you bet. it will feel nice if you step outside later this morning. >> maybe a good day for lunch out side. >> there is a fine drizzle out there but all and all if you have outdoor plans would i keep them. we will walk you through there coming up here and talk about the fact that we will not break this below seasonal trend all that soon, so i'll have your full seven day on
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i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm frr with ere!
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welcome back. we are looking at a lot of cloud overhead and some comfort to go witt. here's the thing you might see fine drizzlal long the way and you will net is a few showers that were stuck overly high and berks, counties here in the last couple of hours, those look at though they have
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had a chance to fizzle but because we have an on shore wind flow we will be stuck in the cloud and then you'll run into drizzle here along the way but i would not call it a beautiful day but not a bad day either, it is cool if you are not a fan of the ridiculous warmth. by next week we will finally return to seasonal upper 80's but also notice even though we have to go through some rain, heavy rain in fact along the way by the time we hit sunday and beyond for now high pressure will anchor itself, set us up for absolutely beautiful weather, so if you had are looking ahead we have a vacation week coming up or maybe got a couple vacation dates to burn, meisha maybe now is good time to think about grabbing monday and tuesday on ton of your weekend >> i didn't think about that. good idea. >> all right, katie, thanks very much. that is some good news. also some good news construction that is in the clearing out of the way, vine closed for that construction so westbound you are opened and eastbound is following suit. we are looking good there.
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then talking about construction on the schuylkill as well, one area that will slow us down. it did yesterday. hopefully it clears early on in the 5:00 o'clock. schuylkill eastbound between gulph mills and belmont avenue that left lane is compromised as you can see cones in the roadway. we are getting by so far, so good but that will get busier. construction here in delaware, times three, you can see this 495 southbound ramp to i-95 southbound is closed. i-95 north bound between delaware service area and route 73, three lanes close there had and i-95 is closed at 295. more on construction coming up jim, back over to you. coming up next hour of "eyewitness news" a warning for jeep drivers how you can protect yourself from having your car batteries stolen. also this morning we will tell you what toys blame for this wild fire burning dangerously close to several popular resort areas. it is supposed to make life easier but could your robotic vacuums be doing more than just cleaning, um, i'm intrigued, we will explain
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our health care insurance system is a mess. well, and john mccain, returns to the cap to take on health care we are live with what is happening today in washington as lawmakers debate the affordable care act. a fight between a father and son lead to gunfire and son being shot, they recover several weapons at the scene in montgomery county and we will update the son's condition. batteries are being stolen from jeeps parked on the street. surveillance cameras captures one of the crimes, we will tell what you drivers can do to protect their vehicles. it is wednesday, july 26th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel


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